Terms and conditions


Author Misconduct Policy

OJM expects authors, reviewers, editors and others involved in its publications enterprise to safeguard the integrity of its publications process and to alert appropriate officials to possible misconduct. OJM believes it has a responsibility to ensure that allegations of misconduct are properly investigated. OJM takes all such allegations seriously and will use the expectations, definitions, and procedures outlined below to examine their validity and to take appropriate action. Authors submitting to OJM must agree these terms and conditions and follow the author's guidelines. For additional support and professional editorial services authors can visit this page.

Manuscript Review

Before any manuscript is accepted for publication, it is evaluated by the editorial team and editorial office. It it meets our standards and guidelines for authors it will be published without delay. Thereafter, the article will be peer-reviewed in LIBRE and receive comments by readers on site.

Manuscript Pre-Publication Publicity and Dissemination Policy

OJM does not impose a press embargo on manuscripts at this time. Authors are allowed to distribute copies of their submitted or accepted paper, including proofs, to colleagues within the scientific community provided that the document is marked clearly as to its status regarding publication (e.g., “Submitted” or “In Press”), the date of document preparation, and “Not for Distribution.” If OJM chooses to prepare a press-release for a soon to be published paper, the corresponding author will be notified and informed about the relevant dates and process, and allowed to correct the draft of the release to ensure accuracy. If the author's institution desires to produce a press release for a manuscript that has been accepted by OJM, the author should ensure that it includes a statement to the effect that the paper will appear soon in [name of journal].

Production and Publication of OJM

After authors have submitted the final version of their manuscript, it is forwarded to iMedPub's editorial office where it is checked and published without further copyediting or typesetting works other than inserting a header and a footing in all its pages. As a result, the copyeditor may make minor stylistic changes to the manuscript after an author has revised it. There are no article proofs.


Paper reprints are mailed to the appropriate author within 2 weeks after publication of the article. Open access reprints are available online when the online issue is posted.

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