Additional support and professional editorial services

As you know, OJM is open and free. Our "self-publlish" approach allows you to publish your article directly. Thereafter we assign a DOI and index and archive your paper so it can be found and cited. That's a perfect solution for publishing your works.

However you might be interested in additional support or specialized editorial services such as:

Professional copyediting services

Basic language editing, i.e., the correction of grammar, punctuation and syntax will be performed on request only. However, this may not be sufficient if English is not your native language and substantial editing and/or rewriting would be required. In that case, we recommend asking a native speaker to help you or arranging for your text to be checked by a professional editing service prior to submission. iMedPub provides this service at special rates for our authors; at only 10€ per page.

Professional typesetting services

Manuscripts will be checked for formal style. OJM follows certain standards with regard to the presentation of the content, and the editorial office make sure that the manuscript conforms to these styles. For example, we will check the references against the reference style applicable for the book and correct them if necessary. Any minor discrepancies between the list and the citation in the text will be pointed out to you. However if the manuscript needs major revision or you wish to have a embellished version of your article, we can offer professional typesetting services at 10€ per page.

Implementing changes after acceptance

We strongly recommend authors to submit a manuscript only when they are confident it is in its final version. As the article will be published, indexed and archived immediately, making changes after acceptance is a really demanding task. We´d need to have your article replaced in all indexes and repositories and that takes a significant amount of workload, so we charge 100€ for doing these tasks.

Promotion of your article

Publishing open access is a really good way of making your article available and searchable for all readers. However you mighy be interested in getting your work even more read and cited. Then, we can arrange a special promotion of your work, spreading it in social networks, forward the article to researchers in the field and highlighting it in blogs and websites. This services has a fee of 50€.

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